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SFC 18th International Conference (ICON) I STAND : February 18-20 2011

19 February, 2011 FeaturedPhotographyReligious Activity  7 comments


Yesterday, Feb 18 2011, my first time to attend the SFC ICON. I don’t know what is the meaning of ICON but its really interesting because all SFC members are excited to go and experiece with 4 months preparation for the flight reservation and things to bring.

Enjoy reading below Sessions:

Session 1 Call to Arms

“Put on the armor of God so firm against the tactics of the devil” Eph 6:11

I. We are at War

We are in the middle of a War unlike any other that mankind has been through in the past. The goal of the enemy is to keep us from emerging victorious by taking us away from God.

II. The Battleground

The war is waged right in our midst, in places so familiar to us, Home, School, Workplace, Society and Church.

III. The Target

In this w...

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Balloon Festival in Clark Pampanga, Philippines : Feb 10-13

15 February, 2011 Uncategorized  8 comments

I had a different experienced with my friends in Sprazzo Club last Saturday (feb. 12, 2011). 2011 Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Philippines is near (hehehe). We started to travel at 2:30am and we arrived at 4am in Clark and no hassle to find a preferred parking lot at the side of the main area of the balloon festivity. That was my first time in Clark and so excited to experience the Balloon Festival in Clark Philippines yearly. It becomes difficult to take a picture at the front but advantage to see and observe how the pilot managed the exact amount of air in the balloon, and if there is no wind at all then it can only go up and down.

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